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Cosmina Makeup Artist – My New Website

Hello, I’m Cosmina! As a professional makeup artist, I know how beautifully diverse makeup

can be. Which means my clients have a range of needs. I put this post together to find exactly what you’re looking for on my new website. 

About Me

As a makeup artist, I love learning about my clients and getting to know them in the process.

I think it helps the makeup process as a whole. Understanding my clients a bit better can help deliver their perfect looks. My makeup sessions focus on making you feel comfortable and letting your true essence shine through.

Becoming a professional makeup artist has been a dream of mine since my school days.

Watching glamorous actresses on South American soap operas always drove me to work with makeup and use it to empower our identity. I’ve trained as a makeup artist at the London Academy of Freelance Makeup. Europe’s most highly regarded makeup school taught the skills to create beautiful looks. The rest came from working with clients and models at my partner’s studio.

Applying makeup is a sacred process, and success is in the details. Creating a high-quality

and relaxing makeup session go hand-in-hand. I only use premium products that I trust. Some of these include Chanel, Becca, Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, YSL, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier and NARS. You can see the results of how these products work here.

Services - Everything I Offer

Follow the link to my services page to get an in-depth look into everything I offer. My

services are tuned to help you feel relaxed and happy while you’re getting prepared for your

big day.


I specialise in wedding makeup for brides and their bridal party. As makeup is such an

essential part of your wedding day, I know it’s something you want to feel confident about.

So I offer wedding trials, where you can get a sneak peek of your wedding day look. Trials

help brides feel secure and stress-free for their wedding day. 

Wedding day makeup delivers high-quality, effortlessly beautiful looks to help your essence

stand out. I want you to feel relaxed, happy and beautiful on your wedding day – that’s the

goal. Harmonious organisation is central to my work because it’s not just about the makeup but fitting into your day. I’m a punctual person as it is, so on your wedding day, I’ll arrive half an hour before the morning preparations start. I like to know the programme like the back of my hand at this point to fit in seamlessly and focus on the quality of my work.

Photoshoot Makeup

The goal of photoshoots may vary, but they’re always about being captured at your best. I

know the importance of some of these shoots; they can help boost or kick-start a modelling

career, for example. We can pinpoint your vision and get stuck into the details together.

While my clients’ goals can change, I always want you to feel flawless and empowered by

the looks we create. Your shoot with Horatio Photography will quickly follow your makeup session. Working closely with the photographer can help us perfectly capture everything as it should be.

Proms & Occasions

Finally, my third focus point is on special occasions and proms. Those events that need a

little extra glam. Whether you have a look in mind or want some creative advice, we’ll have a

consultation to land on the perfect vision. I’m confident we’ll be able to come up with an

inspiring look that you’ll love but check out my testimonials to read what I’ve done for my

other clients.


My Pricing page includes all packages and services with extra information that you may

need. I try to be transparent and upfront about my pricing, but if there’s anything you would

like more information on - please contact me. 


It can help a lot to see it all visually! Please look through my portfolio page to see some of

my work. They range from wedding makeup, photoshoot makeup and special occasions. My

clients and I created most of these looks, and they could be an excellent start to help you with some ideas.


I’ve worked with some wonderful clients. They’ve left me some feedback on my

Testimonials page, which you can look through to understand how I work.

Contact Me

And finally, my lovely readers, this is the page I love most. It’s where I hear from you and

find your queries. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about anything. You can book a session, request a quote or just ask a question.

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