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About me

   Makeup Artistry is a special job. To see my clients light up with glee when they see themselves ready for their wedding day - that’s been a dream for me.


I knew that I loved makeup artistry from afternoons watching South American soap operas as a teenager. Admiring the glitz of the actresses with their gorgeous makeup inspired my passion for makeup artistry. It was my first taste of working with makeup and how it can enhance appearances. I became curious about the power that makeup had - and how it can empower us, build confidence, and mould identity.


Training at the London Academy of Freelance Makeup was one of my favourite experiences. I got to develop my skills and knowledge at Europe’s top-rated makeup school. Since then, I’ve been collaborating with my husband, Horatio Photography, to produce makeup and photography for weddings and photoshoots.


Applying makeup is a sacred process, and success is in the details. Creating a high-quality and relaxing makeup session go hand-in-hand. I only use premium products that I trust. Some of these include Chanel, Becca, Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, YSL, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier and NARS.  You can see results of how these products work here.

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