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Cosmina Makeup   Artist

Professional Beauty

My style is about quality, elegance and understated beauty.
Letting you and your essence shine through.

    Picture this; it’s your wedding day. Services and equipment are set up and ready to go. You already know your professional artist, and you’re comfortable doing your thing on your day. You sit down in your chair, blissfully worry-free. You start to relax, and the enjoyment of your wedding day overtakes you. You dwell in the love you’re about to celebrate. The champagne goes down smoothly.


            My whole process is built around delivering that day for you. As a passionate creative makeup artist, seeing my clients feeling magnificent and beautiful on their most special occasions is my biggest reward. Everything should be perfect on your wedding day- the energy, the process, and the looks. I specialise in high-quality wedding makeup that enhances your natural beauty with a stress-free and warm approach. If you want to find more about it, you can read my story here.


   I pride myself in knowing which materials to use, how to match it with the lighting and photography, and how to enhance your natural beauty. Details, attention, warmth and quality are central to my work. As a wedding makeup artist, attention to the details and premium products are important in getting the right look. I’ve worked for lots of spectacular models and brides around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and the nearby areas – check out their testimonials here.


"Beauty without expression is boring"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My kit & favourite brands

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